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What is Diagnosis ? What is its importance in modern Healthcare.

With so many symptoms linked with different diseases, it is almost impossible to determine for sure an illness without Diagnosis. From a patient description of symptoms they have, a doctor can have a precise guess of what the problem might be, but not for sure. In recent times, people sought out search engines to check their illness by inputting the symptoms they have. This approach might not always be accurate, though it can be helpful sometimes. When you have chronic catarrh, you tend to experience a headache. This Diagnosis is also a symptom of malaria; it takes correct and professional Diagnosis to differentiate. You are reading an article from the largest and the only NABL accrediated Pathology Lab in Ulhasnagar.

What is a Diagnosis ?

Diagnosis is the process of distinguishing between diseases by correctly predicting the most likely cause of a patient’s symptoms. The knowledge of the cause of a patient’s symptoms helps in the fast and accurate treatment of such illness. A campaign against self-medication has been launched against this same reason. So many people tend to misdiagnose an illness due to similarities in symptoms of many diseases. The medical and technological sector continues to work hard to invent new medical pieces of equipment to accurately and quickly diagnose an illness. Diagnostic center in Ulhanagar provides accurate Diagnosis through tests carried out from the patient’s body fluid and tissues.

What is the Importance of Quick and Accurate Diagnosis in Modern Healthcare?

The advancement in medical technologies has helped in quick and accurate Diagnosis of diseases. For those that stay in Mumbai, there are so many diagnostic centers in Ulhanashar, and these centers provide Diagnosis for various diseases. These diagnosis center have well-trained practitioners who are experts in the diagnostic field. What Is the Importance of Diagnosis in Healthcare? The importance of Diagnosis include:

  • It helps to decide the line of treatment

You must have heard of some many death cases attributed to the time factor. If a quick and accurate diagnosis can be carried out, then treatment can be effected immediately for such a patient. Fast and effective Diagnosis has helped saved much life as some diseases can be very deadly, and the condition of the patient can deteriorate with time.

    • It helps to decide how to manage some diseases

    Diseases like HIV/AIDS is an effective illustration in this case. If quick diagnosis and medication is taken at the early stage of this infection, then the infected can manage the illness and live a healthy life. However, in cases where there is incorrect Diagnosis or self-medication comes into play, then, the disease advances to the deadliest stage, which is AIDS. This stage is extremely deadly, and the patient might not have much time to live anymore. Factors such as medication and diet can come to play in play in the early stages of this disease.

  • It helps to prescribe the proper medicine for diseases

As many illnesses can have certain similarities in symptoms, quick and effective Diagnosis can help in prescribing effective drugs for diseases. Typhoid and malaria has similar symptoms, these has mislead many practitioners in the past. However, with new and advanced technology facilities, such as the Diagnostic Centre in Ulhanagar; it is now easy to deal with such cases without fear of misdiagnosis.

At Galaxy, we believe in not just an accreditation but we actually follow NABL guidelines.

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