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Diabetes !

Looking for a diabetes specialist in Ulhasnagar or Mumbai ? Do read this before you make an appointment. Its a one time decision !


A word most of us are afraid of. Diabetes affects a person’s blood sugar levels and can require various treatments. Lifestyle Changes with appropriate diet and regular sugar level checkup is the only option. Same is the case with Ulhasnagar.

Don’t let diabetes alter your health, better make it your lifestyle. Dr. Rahul has an experience of 10 years in the field of modern diabetology and is probably the most trusted specialist in Ulhasnagar when it comes to diabetes & diet.

Visit Dr. Rahul Pandey at Galaxy – The only NABL Audited pathology lab in Ulhasnagar

Dr. Rahul Pandey

MBBS ( Diabetologist )

Why to choose us ?

We emphasize on true and accurate diagnosis and treatment by specialist only. Ulhasnagar has 70% of the Sindhi Population and almost 62 % of Sindhi community above age 35 is diabetic. So reason behind serving in Ulhasnagar is the fact that more needy people reside in this area.

Second reason is large number of employers working in industrial area, IT, Automotive sectors. Changes in Lifestyle, Stress, irregularities in food intake and last but not least, heavy meal & junk food has led this population more pron to diabetes. Giving them a helping hand is our moto.

Tip to take care of Diabetic Foot !

  1. Check your feet daily for injuries.
  2. Wash your feet carefully, each day.
  3. Moisurize feet, ankles, & legs daily — do not use between toes.
  4. Cut your toenails straight across to prevent ingrown toenails.
  5. Keep your feet warm and dry.
  6. When cold, wear loose-fitting socks to bed.
  7. Wear comfortable closed-toe shoes.
  8. Never walk barefoot, even indoors.
  9. Do not smoke.
  10. Ask your podiatrist about orthopedics and insole options.
  11. Ingrown toenails, corns or calluses? Seek advice from podiatrist.
  12. Discuss your condition with your primary care physician.


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